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Floor Sanding

Complete Floor Sanding, Installation, Repair & Finishing Services

Hard Wood Refinishing

Professional Hard Wood Floor Sanding, Refinishing, and Installation.

Floor Restoration

Restoration of old floors. Installation of new floors.

Floor Treatment

Stair Sanding, Staining, and Varnishing.

Floor Repair

Wood Floor Repair, Glazing, filling of holes and gaps.


Light and deep floor sanding of all wood floors: engineered, prefinished, hard and soft wood.

Carpet Removal

Carpet removal involves detaching and disposing of old carpeting from floors.

Polishing and Buffing of Hardwood Floors

Staircase and Railing Sanding

Laminated Floor Install

Vinyl Flooring

Engineered Wood Install and Repair

Floating Floor Laying

Crystal Finish

Bona Finishes

Floor staining to any color

Floor stripping

Floor cleaning

The Floor Sanding Process

Determine the grit of sandpaper. Depending on the condition of the floor, and the pre-existing finish, we use 12, 16, 24, 36, 60, 80, or 100 grit sandpaper. We do a number of passes, sometimes 3 or 4. All the previous stain and varnish must be completely removed or a chemical reaction could occur. 80-100 grit is used for the final floor sanding. After sanding, we apply a sealer or stain and two coats of latex varnish to achieve maximum durability. A stain usually takes 16-24 hours of drying time before we can add a coat of latex on top.

Sanding and laying of coats usually takes 2-3 days, depending on the size of the project and whether a stain is used. After the last coat of latex, you can walk on the floor with socks within 4 hours after final coat. We suggest 48-72 hours before putting back furniture, although this can be done earlier if done with care.

Never drag furniture on the floors, and ideally shoes worn on the outside should never been worn inside of the house. This is especially true of movers who wear heavy boots, which can scuff up any floor. It is preferable that movers wear sneakers instead of boots. Choice of coatings range from matte, satin, or semi-gloss.

We suggest satin as it seems to hold up best over a long period of time, while matte has no sheen to it. Semi-gloss has a tendency to loose glossiness over time due to oxidization and sunlight, so parts of the floor will end up being glossy while other areas not. With proper care and cleaning, your floors should last years (15-20) before needing to be redone again. The basics are: never wear shoes used outside, clean the floor at least once a month with a mildly wet mop, and never drag furniture.

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